Are Bikes the Future of Transportation?

What’s the most exciting new technology for transportation? Well, there are plenty of candidates; the self-driving cars, drones big enough to carry people, Elon Musk’s Bore Hyperloop Tunnels. The future looks to be merging with Science Fiction when it comes to moving around people. All these technologies look very interesting but there is one form[…]

Supporting the Structures of the City

With such a large population, Toronto has grown into the most dense and diverse city in Canada – full of various cultures and creative individuals. Toronto continues to lead as the financial and industrial core and has also progressed its urban landscape – continuing to shape the city around the iconic forefront of the CN[…]

Every Diamond Starts as Coal

  In a city as big as Toronto, one can easily live their life without really knowing what’s on the other side of the tracks. Over the years, Toronto has grown and adjusted to your busy schedule and a higher standard of living. Everything you need is now in close proximity to where you are,[…]

High Cost of Commuting in Toronto

Photo by Dax Donnelly Most Torontonians commute in some form or another, it’s a necessity. Some may be lucky enough to walk to school or work, but most bike, drive, subway, streetcar, or even Uber. And what all these people have in common is typically the frustration of commuting in a city so large that[…]

Humber Lakeshore Reaches Development Milestone

    If you have ever stumbled to the west end of the city, you have probably witnessed the serene beauty of Humber College campus. Surrounded by trees and abundant in secret paths and walking trails that lead to the shores of Lake Ontario, the campus grounds provide the perfect small-town-school experience. With majority of[…]